Dear Friend,

This is a time of year most of us are giving thanks for the abundance we have in our lives.

When I sit down with my family each Thanksgiving, I am grateful for the big holiday supper with my daughters and their families. But I never forget that many families in this country can't afford a holiday meal.

Please join me to fill the plate for hungry kids this Thanksgiving. $49 is the average cost of a Thanksgiving dinner. No Kid Hungry can provide 100 meals for every $10 you give, so a $49 gift can connect kids in need with up to 490 meals this holiday season and throughout the year.

You can fill a plate for a hungry child right now — click here to choose your five favorite Thanksgiving dishes and then please make a donation to ensure that we can create a future where no kid will go hungry.

I'm making a gift to help bring meals to these kids and to end childhood hunger in America. I hope you'll join me. You'll be helping kids all across the country:
  • In places like Brunswick County, North Carolina, where a little boy named Paul and over 12,000 other children come from families who struggle to put food on the table. It's a big rural county, so it can be hard for parents to bring kids to places where they can get a free meal — on some days, they simply go without.
  • In places like the Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago, where many families struggle to make ends meet. Samantha, a mom, relies on meal sites at a local community church for breakfast and the local library for lunch for her daughter.
  • Or in cities like Baltimore, where Jack, once an energetic, outgoing kid, comes to class listless and tired. One day, his hunger weighed so heavily on him that he came to his high school Spanish teacher, Mrs. White, to ask if she had any leftover breakfast he could have.
There are 16 million stories like these — one for each of the children struggling with hunger. In the United States, this shouldn't be the case. It's even more poignant when we're celebrating Thanksgiving, a holiday centered on eating a meal with loved ones.

Please donate today to fill the plate for hungry kids across America.

Each of us can do our part to fight hunger this holiday season. Let's make No Kid Hungry a reality.