2017 Bake Sale Rock Stars &
Top Fundraisers


Thank you for your hard work! Congratulations on your Bake Sale success!

Through Team No Kid Hungry, we are providing innovative hunger solutions in communities across America, implementing solutions that break down the barriers that keep kids from the healthy food they need to thrive. It is important work. It is necessary work. And you are an integral part of its success.

2017 Bake Sale for No Kid Hungry Top Ten Fundraising Teams*

Top 5 Individual Fundraising Teams

Gina Reardon
2017 KC Team for No Kid Hungry

Jessica Reinmann, Holly Blum and Allison Spiegel
The Great Chappaqua Bake Sale

Christine Laspalakis
Valentine's Day Charity Bake Sale 

Tyler Zager
Tyler's 2017 Bake Sale

Brooke Foster
Brooke's Bakery

Top 5 Company Fundraising Teams

Domino Sugar/C&H Sugar

W.R Grace
GRACE HealthMatters

San Francisco Cooking School
Holly Jolly Bake Sale

Morgan Stanley (Erin Brooks)
Morgan Stanley Sweet Treats


*As of 12.21.17




2017 Bake Sale Rock Stars

Members of the Bake Sale Rock Stars, our club for top fundraising bake sale teams, raised more than $1,000 with their bake sale efforts. Do you want to be a Rock Star, but need help with your bake sale? Email us at bakesale@strength.org and we will help you reach your goal.

Congratulations to all the 2017 Bake Sale Rock Stars! Way to go!*

  • Sally Kaye, Sally Kaye's Bat Mitzvah Bake Sale
  • Linda Strohmeyer, Tuxedo Park
  • Julie Dant, 2017 Stifel "Dough for Kids" Bake Sale
  • Cathy Malin, Fairlington 4th of July
  • Martha May Fink, Martha May's 11th Annual Bake Sale
  • Monica Carrie, 2017 PepsiCo Bake Sale
  • Pina Dapra & Layla Pazman, Pina and Layla's Bake Sale
  • Juliet Wolfe, Miss Wolfe's Kinders Care
  • Marie Wiehler, Garrett, Damon and Jason Stop Hunger Bake Sale
  • Michelle Harris, Dedrick's No Kid Hungry Bake Sale
  • Lynsey Kling, Caley's Bake Sale
  • Darlene Laurita, Seaview Orthopaedics
  • Sharon Baker, Dayton Home Consultants
  • Jennalyn Andrada, Bake it, till you MAKE IT!
  • Brittani Robbins, A Little Slice of Heaven
  • Alexis Chase, Alexis's Sweet Treats for No Kid Hungry
  • Lisda Verhey, Project KIDS
  • Erinn Edwards, NTEU Chapter 284 No Kid Hungry Bake Sale
  • Elli Davis, E&B Confections
  • Heather James, Baking Bonanza!
  • Kim Santamaria, Bellula
  • Gail Fitzpatrick, Dylan and Caitlin's SOS Bake Sale
  • Brenda Duncan, Insuring Against Hunger
  • Lynder Festa, MSCI Inc.
  • Fiona Godes, Fiona's Sweets - #justbake
  • Nita Millstein, Pastries in the Park
  • Alison Welch, Coverys Cares
  • Alia Lambert, Team Buttercream
  • Stella Lissak, B-Day Bake Sale
  • Emily Butler, The Great Food52 Bake Sale
  • Muriel Carpentier, 2017 Quotient No Kid Hungry
  • Nationwide Real Estate Executives Long Beach
  • Halley Chambers, The Great Food52 Bake Sale
  • Finn Coyle, Finn's Fantastic Baked Goods
  • Sloan Reid
  • Tolisa Watkins, Baking A Difference Again
  • Lindsey Gray, Eggshells Kitchen Co.
  • Jennifer Stone, The Mar Vista Stone Family
  • Tami Ostrom, Kiddos Cooking
  • Suzanne Giddens, Tax Defense Network
  • Tina Wray, Catalent Cares
  • Robin Lefevre, Baking to Make a Difference
  • Kathryn Wantuck, Sweet Stella's Bake Sale
  • Leah Ellis, Comfort the Soul - No Kid Hungry Bake Sale
  • Joyce Sun, Annie Sun, Victoria Woo, William Qin, Sean Qin, Brandon Woo, Henry Sun and Ben Qin - Bake2Help

*As of 1.8.17