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‘No Kid Hungry’ is a campaign in which I’ve been participating in for years, so I felt proud to be asked to join ‘The Ride.’ ‘The Ride’ is a group of chefs cycling from Santa Barbara to San Diego to bring awareness to this noble cause. I’ve been an avid cyclist for over a decade, and I feel that this charity ride is a great way for me to contribute while doing something I love. Knowing that thousands of children go to sleep each night hungry or malnourished effects me personally because I am a father and cannot imagine my son experiencing such hardships. Support me in helping children across America get the nourishment they deserve.

Help me reach my $10,000 goal by donating what ever you can, every little bit helps.

Jeremy's Bio

Jeremy was born in South Dakota but with his dad in the Air Force, traveled extensively while he still was very young. Berlin looks to his grandparents, who are immigrants from Sweden and life-long farmers in Minnesota, as his true culinary inspiration. He spent summers with his grandparents where he developed a sincere appreciation for agriculture, the value of family and experienced a true sense of home that stays with him today. Berlin has a five-year old son and is married to Alison Berlin a sommelier in Santa Barbara. He is an avid reader, enjoys cycling and cooking at home for his wife and friends.

Berlin began his culinary career at the age of 15 at DiSalvo's Deli & Italian Store in Dayton, Ohio Enjoying his four years there, Berlin took a chef position at Lauberge Restaurant, one of Dayton's finest restaurants. Berlin decided to dedicate himself to a career in the culinary arts and moved to New York to  enroll in the French Culinary Institute. Alain Sailhac, dean emeritus at the French Culinary Institute and former executive chef at Le Cirque in New York, took notice to Berlin throughout the course of his study and upon graduation recommended him for a position at Payard Patisserie and Bistro in New York. Berlin worked for Chef Francois Payard for three years, and under the instruction of French Master Chef Philippe Bertineau, the first chef in the United States to be welcomed as a member of the Universal Cassoulet Academy and Berlin's most influential culinary mentor. After acquiring advanced knowledge from Master Chef Bertineau, Berlin took a position at Le Bernardin, New York's internationally acclaimed three Michelin star seafood restaurant from Chef Eric Ripert.  Through his experience working under Ripert Jeremy gained an appreciation for simplicity in cuisine and letting ingredients and flavors showcase themselves.  You can still see Ripert’s influence in Jeremy’s cuisine today.

Berlin began working under the Chef Gordon Ramsay when he accepted a position as sous chef at Gordon Ramsay at the London NYC. After just one year, Berlin was recruited from New York to be part of the opening team at Gordon Ramsay at the London West Hollywood. In the position as opening executive sous chef, Berlin trained the kitchen staff and oversaw the kitchen for all culinary operations inside the hotel. After his first two years in Los Angeles working at Gordon Ramsay, Berlin moved to the intimate 95-seat French bistro, Church and State, as executive chef. In this role, he was able to use many parts of his culinary expertise to develop his own menu for the restaurant and completely oversee all kitchen operations.In 2012 with the anticipation of opening Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill at Caesars Palace, Berlin was contacted by the Gordon Ramsay team in London and offered the position of executive chef. Jeremy developed and executed original menus the restaurant, trained the kitchen staff and oversaw all kitchen operations for the 290-seat restaurant. After working in Las Vegas for almost two years doing between one & two thousand covers a day and getting the restaurant fully operational and running Jeremy wanted to get back to focusing on cuisine as well as the business side which had been his priority in Las Vegas. 

 Jeremy and his wife relocated to Santa Barbara in august of 2014 with the anticipation of opening a restaurant with the owners of The Lark, a very successful restaurant in town.  Working with local vendors and farmers to create a restaurant that can be the center of the community and the local meeting place for food lovers and dinning enthusiasts, from around town and around the world.