Welcome to My Personal Page

Since I was a kid I loved the bike.
Shortly before I opened Joe's Restaurant 23 years ago, I picked up a mountain bike to explore the Santa Monica Mountains on what little time I had between shifts and my day off.  It helped me gather my thoughts and get in touch with the land around me.

Then in 2007, I converted to a road bike, riding with friends, chefs, and others in the business.
I started doing organized rides, such as the Solvang Century, The Ojai Century, and even a couple
of unorganized rides with a motley crew from the South Bay.   We won't talk about those.

I have since keep my stamina on the bike fresh, riding about 100 miles a week.  I've also started riding around Santa Barbara with my girlfriend.

This will be the first time doing a 3 day ride, and I am up for the challenge.  Join me in helping us all fight child hunger and support me in this goal for all of us. 

Joe Miller