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Dear Friends --

Can you believe it's 2015 and children still go hungry in this country?  I can't.  

That's why I signed up for Chefs Cycle for No Kid Hungry.  With other generous chefs around the country, I am riding 300 miles --- from Santa Barbara to San Diego --- to help end childhood hunger in America.  My goal is to raise $10,000 --- which will provide 100,000 meals for kids in need.  I would so appreciate your help achieving this very reachable goal.  $100 is the equivalent of 1,000 meals.  $500 is 5,000 meals.  You get the idea.  

It is not lost on me that my career has been built on food.  The fact that so many go without is beyond tragic --- and it's time we all did something about it.  Thank you for donating and helping us make a difference for kids in America.

Best, Hans