2017 Chefs Cycle



I am once again joining the No Kid Hungry Chefs Cycle team for another amazing journey, and I am thrilled to have members of the Arby’s family by my side!

Team Arby’s will join hundreds of other chefs and restaurant industry professionals in Santa Rosa, CA on May 16-18 to ride 300 miles to make sure No Kid Hungry is a reality in America. No child in America should grow up hungry. But too many kids in our country don't have the food they need to thrive. Right now, 1 in 5 kids struggle with hunger, but together we can change this.

Our team is comprised of nine passionate people from the Arby’s community: Stuart Brown, Abby Hammond, Damian Hanft, Jay Johnson, Brian Pruitt, Jay Timothy, Steven Wallace, Elizabeth Wiles and myself. We are each committed to ending childhood hunger in America, and we hope you will help us.

So before we take off to California, we are asking for your financial support toward this important cause. No amount is too small – for every $1 donated, you are helping connect a child with up to 10 meals. In exchange for your generosity, we will endure an average of 6 hours a day on bikes with terribly sore backsides, blisters, pulled muscles and likely for some, bruised egos – this is hard work!

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