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1 in 5 children in America are food insecure. This is unacceptable. April is my birth month, so I'm doing something to help make No Kid Hungry a reality. Donating my birthday with an audaticous goal and the crazy action of quitting social medai until my goal is reached. 

There are 3 ways you can help and take action today with me:

  1. Donate to No Kid Hungry and help reach the goal of $10,000.

  2. Share this message.

  3. Learn more about No Kid Hungry and get involved.

This may surprise many people who know me. I am giving up something people associate me with today: Social Media. To many, checking Facebook messages or playing online games may be an addiction that’s hard to break, but for me, social media has become part of my everyday life.

Social media has helped me get jobs and change my career trajectory. I’ve also used different social media networks in many of the jobs I’ve held to connect people, ideas and brands. I’ve even been invited to speak about my experience with these tools. And there are so many relationships that have been formed from social media, that this isn’t just an addiction, it’s been a way of life for me.

But today, I am taking back control of my life and leaving social media behind. Today is the day I am publically quitting social media.

By now, many of you know that today is April 1st and many people will share posts with a serious tone, which will become part of an April Fool’s prank. While the introduction and title of my post may appear to be one of these jokes, it’s anything but. Let me explain.

April is the month of my birth. And for the past two years, I have asked for donations to be made to my favorite organizations in lieu of gifts. This is also the month I was planning to pull off an April Fool’s joke. I was going to milk a cow wearing a Speedo. If you are wondering how I picked that, you have to check out my Giving Tuesday fundraising campaign for No Kid Hungry. As I started working on making it happen, I came to learn just how serious cow milking is. If you think about it, milk is something most of us consume, so it needs to be done it a somewhat sanitary way. So just image a hairy man in a speedo milking a cow. That’s not so sanitary. My crazy idea was crushed by reality. But it did get me thinking, instead of trying to do a stunt on a single day, what if I used the power of social media, by not by using it myself, and the result would be something with a lasting impact and not just a single day of notoriety. This led me to the idea of quitting social media. At least, until I raise $10,000 for No Kid Hungry.